K3S ISP Deployment – MetalLB

Categories: Kubernetes

Problem definition: As an ISP multiple services are run to offer to customers (DNS, NTP, etc.). A simple docker compose of this is available at https://github.com/dmcken/docker-composer-templates/blob/main/dns-ntp/docker-compose.yml. We have multiple PoPs and usually anycast these addresses throughout the network to spread load / provide redundancy. The anycasting monitoring can be done via custom scripts (ExaBGP, FRR) … Read More

Setting hostname on Dell iDRAC

Categories: Servers

To set the iDRAC hostname you usually need to reboot and go into the BIOS to update the hostname. This is somewhat annoying and can be avoided using IPMI on linux (in the command I use the default iDRAC username and password, update accordingly)

Working with SAS drives with non-standard sector sizes

Categories: Storage

Problem definition: I got some new drives to which I saw little issue until firing it up and attempting to use I get large blocks of errors in the kernel log similar to the following: My scenario is Hitachi HUC109060CSS601 (S.M.A.R.T. info below) what specifically seems to be the problem is the line “8 bytes … Read More